Services to meet your needs

Product Development

The specialists at Valentis will provide you professional assistance from the initial idea of a product through to its final stage -production.

We will co-ordinate the creation of your product formula, keep you regularly up-to-date during all stages of creation and production of your product, and provide you with advice on how to ensure that your product has a distinctive presence on the market.

Contract Manufacturing

Valentis provides the following services:

  • Manufacturing of tablets, capsules, liquids, powder products.
  • Primary packaging: blistering of tablets, hard and soft capsules, bottling of liquid medical forms.
  • Secondary packaging: external packaging of liquid, soft and solid pharmaceuticals.
  • Laboratory tests: all products are tested in accordance with the highest standards required in drug manufacturing.
  • Storage and logistics: we will store your products in our warehouses in required quantities and our competent staff will make sure your products reach the destination quickly, flexibly and in time – worldwide.


Inhouse Research and Development unit; safety and efficacy tests of each product. More that 250 products in key therapeutic areas.


Tablets, capsules, liquids, powder products.

Primary packaging

Blistering of tablets, hard and soft capsules, bottling of liquid medicine forms.

Secondary packaging

External packaging of liquid, soft and solid pharmaceuticals.


Our numerous products are available in our warehouse in required quantities. Our competent staff makes sure your products reach their destination quickly, flexibly and in time – worldwide.

Private Label

We can offer ready made and tested products for your portfolio.

Liposomal products

These are innovative liquids, where nutrients are encapsulated in tiny microcapsules, called liposomes. Liposomes protect nutrients from gastric acids and enhance the absorption rates in the body. Liposomes are invisible with the naked eye, but can be felt in improved wellbeing and faster recovery of deficit substances in the body.

Multi vitamin sprays

Formulated to provide optimum nutritional delivery, each spray provides the active ingredient in micro-sized droplets that permeate the soft-tissue of the inner cheek, delivering the essential nutrients into the rich vein system below. This allows the formulation to quickly enter the bloodstream for optimal absorption.

Various food supplements

We have developed a wide range of products backed by science and formulated with pure, safe highest quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. We can also assist you with packaging by selecting the best packaging for your product and can help in securing product registration with governmental health authorities.

Packaging options


Bottles for internal and external sprays: mouth sprays, nose sprays, ear sprays, skin sprays.


Glass and plastic bottles for liquid products: from 1,5 L, 1 L, 500 ml, 250 ml, 200 ml, 150 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml, 30ml, 20ml, 15 ml, 10ml.


The plastic/glass jars for tablets/capsules/powder products of different size, closure types and colours.


Grate variety of blistering options.


Full scale of labeling solutions: carton package and sticker will fulfil your preferred design ideas followed by latest polygraphy technologies.


We aim to attract new partners in order to expand into new regions. By developing our ideas together with our partners, we believe we can offer people a better quality of life with a minimal impact on their bodies and the environment.
This path offers us a unique identity and, we believe, offers an attractive invitation to potential partners to join us in our work.

Innovative products

Valentis has created, manufactured and developed over 250 innovative products in key therapeutic areas.

Regulatory procedures

Valentis offers a full range of technical and regulatory advice to assist you in securing product registration with government health authorities.

Marketing support

We always provide our partners a continuous marketing support. We share marketing materials, the best practices, give product trainings. We will assist you in creation of your local marketing and sales strategy.

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