About the Company

About us

About us

Valentis is an international pharmaceutical company implementing the latest technologies, developing and manufacturing food supplements, medical devices and herbal products in the field of natural health.
Our main focus is liquid nutraceuticals and nano technologies.



Our Mission

Our mission is to help people to preserve health in a most natural way.
We see the best treatment which is natural and safe, that helps human body to recover and does not disturb its natural balance.
Valentis seeks to take the lead in all areas of natural medical treatment.

Our activities

Product Creation

We work in various fields of activity, but the principle of naturalness is followed in all units of the company. We maintain contacts with doctors and scientists in our search for areas in which existing medicine is failing in order to offer better alternatives. Based on our research, we formulate innovative pharmaceutical preparations, register treatments, adapt production technologies, and either produce the products ourselves or contract production out to our partners, before releasing them to the market.


The production of all of Valentis’ products encounter strictly to the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice system. The company ensures and controls the traceability of all products on the production line, from the production of active substances to ensuring pharmacovigilance.
All of our production processes and quality control methods have been independently validated. Our external suppliers are selected with great care: all our suppliers are audited by Valentis in order to ensure that they meet our particular quality control standards.
We set high standards for our products in order to meet the obligations set out in law and EU directives.

Quality control

Each new product has checked thoroughly for its effectiveness and potential side effects before it is released for mass production. During this stage evidence is collected for scientific justification and specialists in various fields are consulted. Our products are released to the market only when we are absolutely certain of their safety and efficacy.

The begining of Valentis
Years of Experience
The begining of Valentis dates back to 1919, when the Pasteur station began to produce a vaccine against rabies.
Vilnius Farmaplant
Vilnius Farmaplant began operating in Vilnius, producing medications widely used in Lithuania and abroad.
Bacterial preparations
Pasteur station was transformed into company “Bacterial preparations”. When this production unit became independent, biopharmaceuticals most needed at the beginning of the 20th century were produced.
After a merger of several pharmaceutical companies in 2003 the common name Valentis was chosen. A Latin word that means “healthy and strong”. Since then the company has expanded, and Valentis products are exported to over 40 countries worldwide.
Valentis today
Today Valentis is an international company with subsidiaries in Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Poland and other European countries, implementing the latest technologies, developing and manufacturing food supplements, medical devices and herbal products in the field of natural health.

Highest quality standards

GMP certificate
Good Manufacturing Practice, Medicines manufacturing. All our facilities, processes and products are guaranteed by GMP.
GDP certificate
Good Distribution Practice certificate meets the requirements for the safe, hygienic and product-appropriate transport of human medication.
ISO 9001:2015 certificate
This certificate demonstrates ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.
ISO 13485 certificate
This certificate proves that Valentis company meets requirements to market and sell medical devices worldwide.
EcoAgros certificate
EcoAgros certificate proves that Valentis can manufacture organic products.
Food supplements – HACCP
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system is installed in the manufacturing facility.
International development

Valentis is a living, constantly progressing and growing company. Currently we export to over 40 countries worldwide.


In striving for efficiency, we aim to attract new partners in order to expand into new regions. By developing our ideas together with our partners, we believe we can truly offer people a better quality of life with a minimal impact on their bodies and the environment.


This path offers us a unique identity and, we believe, offers an attractive invitation to partners to join us in our work.

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