Vitamin D3 400

Bones, Immunity

A source of vitamin D3.

For the immune system, bones, teeth and muscles.

Vitamin D is essential for normal growth and development of bones.

Made with extra virgin olive oil.

  • Natural origin
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavours
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OILESEN Vitamin D3 400 drops, 10 ml

A source of vitamin D3. Vitamin D is essential for normal growth and development of bones.

Vitamin D is required for calcium and phosphorus absorption. It maintains normal blood calcium concentrations, participates in formation of bones and teeth and therefore helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D is also necessary for functioning of muscles, immune system and modulates anti-inflammatory response.

OILESEN D3 1000 is a dietary supplement of vitamin D3 (cholecalcipherol) for infants, small children, teenagers and adults.

Product specifications

– 1 drop contains 10µg (400 IU)  and provides sufficient level of Vitamin D for infants and young children.

– on the basis of extra virgin olive oil;

–  simple and easy dosing with a pipette;

– suitable for infants from birth, children, adolescents and adults;

– no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no colouring.


Ingredients 1 drop RNV
Vitamin D3 10µg/400 IU 200%


From birth 1 drop per day to be taken with a meal, mixed in a drink or directly into the mouth with the dropper.

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