SmartHit IV


  • Microencapsulated  water soluable form of Curcumim.
  • Research shows that microencapsulated curcumin is absorbed up to 6 times better that curcumin powder.
  • Produced using patented technology Miosol for efficient absorption.
  • Vegan
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
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SmartHit IV Curcumin, 150 ml

Curcumin is a low molecular weight polyphenol, a biologically active component with anti-inflammatory effect. Regular turmeric powder is poorly soluble in water and difficult for the body to absorb. When it enters the human body, it is rapidly broken down into other compounds and only traces of this substance are found in the blood. For a better effect on the human body, it is recommended to use a microencapsulated form of curcumin, which is absorbed up to 6 times more efficiently.

SmartHit Curcumin is recommended for use  in order to maintain:

– normal functioning of the immune system,

– normal liver function and normal liver lipids,

– normal blood cholesterol levels and cardiovascular function.





Ingredients 5 ml

Extract of curcuma longa

170 mg


121 mg


32 mg


7 mg


Shake the bottle before use. Take 5 ml  diluted  in 1/3 glass of water during the meal. Once opened, store in a refrigerator, use within 2 months.

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