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Potassium permanganate Valentis powder for skin solution 5g / 10g

Potassium permanganate causes antiseptic effect. 


Always use Potassium permanganate Valentis exactly as your doctor has told you. You should check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.
Cutaneous use.
For the treatment 0.01 % solution, which shall be prepared just before the application, is used. The solution may be used several times a day. 0.01 % solution is used to bathe a wound as well as to rinse a mouth and throat.
To prepare 0,01 % solution, put 0,1 g of powder into 1000 ml of warm boiled water in a glass and stir till all the powder dissolve. The solution must be lightly pink colour.

Do not use Potassium permanganate Valentis:

If you are hypersensitive (allergic) to potassium permanganate.

Take special care with Potassium permanganate Valentis:

There is the risk of explosion when potassium permanganate reacts with easily oxidizing substances.
This substance (or its concentrated solution), when exposed to skin or mucous membrane, may cause burn.
The medicinal preparation solution dyes the, skin, nails, clothes and other fabric in brown colour.

Before using solution, please ensure that all crystals are dissolved, because if crystals get on skin, it may cause tissue damage. Do not allow potassium permanganate crystal contact with skin, mucous membrane and eyes.

It serves for cleaning of wounds and festers as well as cleansing of skin in case of certain diseases (e.g. eczema), especially in the event of the secondary infection.

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