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CALENDULA TINCTURE VALENTIS cutaneous solution/ concentrate for oromucosal solution

Flores Calendulae tinctura

This medicinal preparation stimulates renewal of epithelium and healing of ulcers, therefore it used to enhance healing of bedsores, skin chilblains, burns, and minor injuries (strains, luxations, bruising). In addition, low concentration solution of Calendula tincture is used for gargle in case of inflammation of mucous membrane in oral cavity, inflammation of pharynx, tonsillitis, and for ulcerous or scraped skin and mucous membrane.


Always take Calendula tinctureValentis exactly as stated in this leaflet and your doctor has told you. You should check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

Oromucosal and cutaneous use.

Apply a few millilitres of tincture to the sore place and rub down slightly. A compress of the tincture solution (1:3) may be put on the sore place and bandaged. Repeat the procedure for 5 – 6 days. Do not use on open wound, weeping eczema and mucous membrane. For gargle pour one teaspoon of tincture into a glass of boiled water and rinse the mouth with this solution many times a day.

Do not take  Calendula tinctureValentis

if You have known hypersensitivity to calendula flowers or plants of the Asteraceae family.

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