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Pertusinum® syrup 100 ml

Traditional herbal medicinal product used as an expectorant in cough associated with cold.

PERTUSSIN – syrup with thyme extract for children and adults, suppresses cough, acts as expectorant, coughs are less frequent and shorter. It is an efficient, tasty, natural medication for cough.

100 g preparation contains 13 g liquid thyme extract (1:1), 82 g sugar syrup and 5 g of 80 % (volume) ethanol.

Active substance of Pertussin N, i.e. liquid thyme extract, contains essential oil, and therefore it acts as expectorant and relieves the bronchial spasms for patients suffering from acute and chronic bronchitis, pertussis and upper respirator tract infections. It not only increases the separation, what also improves their activity of bronchial epithelium. Such effect is caused due to the direct impact on bronchial mucous membrane as part of the essential oil is emitted via lungs. Active substances of essential oil thyme and carvacol cause the antimicrobial and antispasmic effect. Additionally, liquid thyme extract contains: flavonoids, triterpenes, enzymes and other substances that most likely cause the pharmacological effect of the medication.

The medication is indicated for the reduction of symptoms of upper respiratory tract catarrh, especially prolonged, and for alleviation of expectoration.

Pertussin N cannot be used in instances of increased sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Because the medication contains ethanol and sugar, it cannot be used by patients suffering with liver diseases and (or) diabetes mellitus. Also, it is not advisable for children under 6 years.

Usage during pregnancy and lactation period.
Because the medication contains ethanol, pregnant and lactating women can use preparation only on a doctor's prescription.

Effect on driving performance or operating machinery
Preparation, if used in recommended doses, does not affect the driving performance or ability to operate machinery, therefore, it is safe to use.

Undesirable effect
Even though thyme preparations usually have no undesirable effect, the possibility of systemic allergic reaction should be considered. Patients with increased sensitivity to birch pollen or celery can develop the cross-sensitivity to thyme preparations.

Dosage and intake method
Unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor, adults should take 1 tablespoon three times per day, children over 6 year - 1 teaspoon three times per day.

Bottle containing 100 ml syrup.

Storage conditions
To be stored in a dry cool place, in a tightly sealed container.
Medication must be kept out of reach of children.

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